Learn Basketball Dribbling Tips to Perfection

The basics of learning to play basketball start with dribbling the basketball. The better you dribble the better player you are. Dribbling is basically the control you have over the ball while playing; all other things come next. You see players moving the ball through their legs with complete ease and then you see them dribbling it so fast that it becomes a blur. This is the result of years of practice, but with the following basketball dribbling tips you can learn to play in no time at all. Effective dribbling the basketball and high jump are very important. Learn more how to jump higher from these 2 great courses – jump manual review and vert shock review.

Your Palm Hinders the Speed

The first thing that you need to remember is that you have to hold the ball with your fingertips. When you push the ball down with your palm, more energy is required and thus the bouncing speed is slow. Practice holding the ball with your fingertips. They allow even pressure on the ball and help you bounce it at a matchless speed! Continue reading “Learn Basketball Dribbling Tips to Perfection”